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export-stfconfiguration - Error Receiver Clients

Baumgartner AG

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Dear Members


First of all: Yes, I have read through every post related to this issue, and yes, I had a case issued with citrix.


Problem Discription:


When trying to export storefront configuration, I get the following error:



Basically it says that %localappdata%\Temp\Citrix\TemporaryStoreFrontConfigurationFolder\ReceiverClients\Windows\CitrixReceiver.exe could not be removed due to permission issues. This error message does not really make sense to me, since it's the user's user profile. I checked the permissions anyway, but this does not matter, because it creates a new temp folder when running the command a second time.


Citrix support just told me to delete the Folder "C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Receiver Clients", which is more a workaround than a solution. Besides that, users don't have access to HTML5 Receiver anymore if this folder is deleted.


Does someone here maybe have a real solution for this?


Regards, Cedric


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