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Exporting subscriptions from Storefront 312 to SF 1912

Charlie Daniels

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We have seen an issue with a new set of Storefront servers with an import of subscriptions. The export runs as expected and contains over 80,000 entries. We are seeing that not all of the users are receiving their favorites. No errors are reported on the import. 

The commands run were:

image.thumb.png.824cfc303dda123752be4477c3713cf9.pngExport-STFStoreSubscriptions -Store $OriginalStore  -FilePath "$env:userprofile\desktop\export.txt"

image.thumb.png.242ed32d348c54b00f7da977adfd64e7.pngImport-STFStoreSubscriptions -Store $NewStore  -FilePath "$env:userprofile\desktop\export.txt"

We have setup the needed vaiables, is there something missing? Or some way to verify the exptorted file?

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