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Applayering User layer + UPM

Zeno Maes




I'm trying to create a Xendesktop with a user layer (citrix applayering), so our users can install software thereselfs. But I don't want to dump the enitire user profile on the user disk so I'm still want to use UPM.

To have some control what is saved in the profile and what is discarted.

However evering I include with UPM is stored on the UPM profile, but everything I exclude from UPM is still stored on the user disk, so no gain is made in disk usage. I'm using UPM through WEM.

I thought that if I deleteting the local profile on logoff would do the trick, but apperently not.

I also tried FSlogix., but same here everything that is excluded from the FSlogix profile disk is still on the user layer vhdx. 


Anybody an Idea how to have some control on what parts of the profile are saved on a user layer disk ?


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The issue for you is that everything you will exclude, no matter what you use, will still need to be synced or copied locally, because Windows needs it.

Windows works only with local profile.


Anything that is excluded while using FSLogix will still be created under the user_local folder in C:\users\

If you want to go with FSLogix or UPL best is  with minimal exclusions, except the ones that will fill your disk space. The more you exclude, the more it will use the XenDesktop local disks.

You can make maintenance scripts that every once in a while to delete the local profiles that have not been used for a long time. If you have non persistent environment the files will get deleted either way at server restart.

Unfortunately it is what it is if you want to use this two solutions.

You cannot have a solution that does not use local profile. It's just how Windows works.

So in simple explanation:

Windows Roaming profiles: copies roaming profile locally at log on. At log off it will copy it back with the changes.  Just the Roaming part of profile. Not the best solution  ?

UPL: maps the user layer disk and Windows sees the profile as local. No copy is done. I am not familiar with App Layering appliance but just using the user personalization layer from Citrix policies in XenDesktop farm works like this.

FSLogix: maps the user vDisk and Windows sees the profile as local. No copy is done, except everything that is excluded, which must be created locally, so you will get a C:\Users\%username%_local folder where all excluded files/folders will be created. In a non persistent environment this will be removed when the server is restarted.

From my view the issue with both UPL and FSLogix is that they use a lot more space then Citrix UPM in the fileserver share where you keep the profile disks, it's not a solution you would want to implement everywhere, specially if you have space limitations on your file server.

UPM is a very good solution if implemented correctly.


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