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XenApp Published Desktop, Printing (Default Printers & Preferences), Roaming Locations (Home vs In Office)

Brian Middleton1709158351




- Server OS 2016

- Citrix 1912 CU3

- XenApp Published Desktop

- Some users are mapped 1:1 for Published Desktop and others are 4:1

- PVS doing non-persistent golden image

- Inside the office locations, Dell Wyse 5070 ThinOS

- Home locations, mixture between Windows 10 (PC / laptop) and Mac OS.

- PrinterLogix software is used to map printers and set defaults, preferences, based on IP subnet, etc...

-Citrix policies control when coming from external IPs to only map printers when connected to home machine

-Citrix VDAs rebooted every Friday at 12am (even if no changes are being introduced)

-Citrix WEM is used to push OS customizations

-Windows AD GPO used more so with Fslogix and defining URLs to access components

-Netscaler ADC protecting untrust -> dmz -> DDCs -> VDAs traffic with Firewalls

-Netscaler virtual protecting LAN -> SF -> DDCs -> VDAs traffic




-People will log in on Monday in the office and their default printer will have been reverted to a random printer

-People will log in on Monday at home ... see their local printer OK ... then come into the office and preferences and defaults are gone


We've gone back and forth with Printerlogix and Citrix and basically they're pointing the finger to each other.


-Printerlogix wants to map all printers regardless of location ... but we cannot support hundreds of printers.

-Citrix wants to use Citrix Universal Printer server with just the Universal Driver ... but that means larger Canon / Xerox MFPs custom drivers cannot be used.


What are people doing out there to overcome these types of challenges? What are the printing solutions people have dropped in place? Either something expensive like a cloud enterprise based SaaS app, or home grown with scripts and login scripts?



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Hi Brian,


from a brief reading without deep insides into your environment…. but perhaps it could help a bit …printers are created during logon, exits during runtime and are delete during logoff. There is no retention of the user’s default printer &(printing environment) by default. An Administrator needs to define the user printing environment.  This is done by Microsoft and Citrix policies for ICA/HDX connections.

Now you are using two different technologies to manage the users printing environment at the same time. PrinterLogix and Citrix from my understanding and that’s perhaps where the challenge arises from.

I am not familiar at all with PrinterLogix but for home users we could set the printer default policy to “client’s main printer” which only get applied for outside connections and for users inside the office you define a default printer policy based on hostname, IP /subnet by our session printers and printer assignment policy with our approximately logic along with settings for printing preference for network printers.  

There is no meaning or design to let the users choose and retain their default printer for further sessions out of the box without citrix polices.  Leaving the policy to “ do not adjust” leads to the symptom described by you too.

Nevertheless on a different note.. we recommend the use of our citrix universal printer server for two use cases. Our Universal Printer Sever has the advantage to compress and optimise print jobs when it is deployed in remote data centre / location / tenant / WAN connections and to ease the driver installation/staging on your image and printer management/ printer spooler health. So you are a complete free and supported with your printer driver choice as long as the driver is MSFT tested &certified for Windows which are nowadays nearly most of them.


Let me know how it goes…




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