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Advanced Window Behavior in Published Application

Cody Barnes


I have written an application that will be used by several of our clients intend to use as a Citrix published application.  This application runs hidden with an icon in the system tray and pops up a top-level window when a specific event occurs (such as when a video-call request comes in).  


Is the system tray icon expected to be visible on the client desktop? And will the z-order of "top-most" popup be respected?  Is there specific configuration necessary to make this work?


Please forgive the vagueness of this question. As a third-party vendor, I am not privy to much of the specifics of the environment. However I would like to be able to provide at least some guidance for our customers to use our application as a Citrix published application.

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Is the system tray icon expected to be visible on the client desktop?

No, it will be in the system tray on the compute resource where the session is running. Of course, unless you are publishing a full desktop the user will not be able to see it.


And will the z-order of "top-most" popup be respected?

I expect the z-order would be respected, but only within the apps running in the related Citrix session. Experimentation will tell.


Is there specific configuration necessary to make this work?

I am not aware of any hooks to make the session system tray icon show in the endpoint system tray. Have you tried publishing the system tray executable?

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Thank you Darryl,

Unfortunate that the application system tray icon probably will not be displayed on the client machine. As the developer of the application in question, perhaps I'll just have to come up with a different approach when running in a virtual space. 


In the first deployment of the application in a Citrix environment that I am aware of, a user may have dozens of Citrix sessions running concurrently. At the moment, the application is being distributed within a full desktop. However this presents a major problem in that when the application attempts to alert the user of an event, the user has to cycle through many desktops before they can find the one raising the alert. The hope was that because the application displays a top-level window for alerts, if running as a published application, the alerting instance would popup to the front above any other running applications on the client desktop - just as it would if running locally.


I wish I could experiment. However in this case I am a third party looking to help a customer integrate my application with their Citrix based environment better. As such I have no access to the environment myself. So I greatly appreciate your guidance and experience.

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