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Audio microphone issues with sip client (Published Desktop) starting with 2106 Linux Workspace App

Andreas Schott




we are having audio microphone issues starting with 2106. After some seconds or minutes the audio upload (microphone) is very choppy, but the sound output is always ok.

Does anyone experience some audio issues and using an sip client on an published desktop? We nearly changed all settings backwards and forwards to get it working again.


We think, there are some breaking changes in the version 2106. We find nothing about it in the release notes to this version.


Does anyone have some ideas?






We found some error logs on the client system:

2021-12-08 15:41:38.554 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6093:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica.bin]: Entering iDeviceid:1 

2021-12-08 15:41:38.572 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6093:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica.bin]: Could not get period size, error: 'Invalid argument' 

2021-12-08 15:41:38.622 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6121:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica: VC 3]: unknown format tag 2 

2021-12-08 15:41:38.622 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6121:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica: VC 3]: unknown format tag 4 

2021-12-08 15:42:18.510 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6121:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica: VC 3]: No space available in device:: 0 
2021-12-08 15:42:18.510 [VDCAM:ERROR] <P6093:T6121:U65534:G65534> citrix-wfica.bin: [wfica: VC 3]: The count:: 1 

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On 12/16/2021 at 11:10 AM, Boby John1709155536 said:

This is expected to be fixed with v2112


Playing back audio in a session might deteriorate network performance factors such as round-trip time and session reliability. [CVADHELP-18723]



Hi Boby,

thanks for your feedback! 
Sadly it does not fix the issue. We have an open Citrix ticket, but i'm not sure, if they can help us.




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