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Remote Desktop License issue

Mike Soucie


New server farm running 1912 LTSR (1 storefront, 4 delivery controllers) all running Windows 2019.  MS Remote desktop licensing also on Svr 2019, per device CALs.  All in an active directory domain configured with GPOs.


Only my Android based Honeywell mobile scanners are having issues with getting a popup, "There is a problem with your Remote Desktop license, your session will be disconnected in 60 minutes..."  This appears to only happen when the RDP license expires.  For some reason it doesn't appear to renew for another period of time.


My Linux based thin clients (10Zig brand) have no issues. 

My remote Windows based clients accessing via VPN, have no issues.


I didn't run into this problem on my old XenApp 6.5 (running on svr 2008 R2).


My only work around so far has been to factory reset the mobile scanner and re-install everything from scratch.

Honeywell scanners are model CK65's running their version of Android 8.1

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