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Unable to connect to server, Check that XenServer is configured correctly on '' and try again/

Artur Nosov


Hello everyone, I had a rather terrible problem - I cannot add my XenServer, before that everything was fine for 3 years. 

Today I went to XenCenter to connect to one of the virtual machines to check the network status, and I get an error.

I tried to do what is described in this solution, but nothing worked because my storage is only 71% busy. - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX213435?recommended

Through Putty I have a connection and see my virtual machines and can start them, but I need a graphical interface.

Also I use the same version of XenServer and XenCenter.

Plz help guys.



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45 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Also, you mention everything has been for fine 3 years, is that the host uptime ? It might just need restarted.





This is done every 7 days.I meant that Citrix XenCenter surprised me for the first time with such a mistake, before that, for 3 years everything was perfect.

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