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Touch interfaces (Resistive Touch) does not correctly passthrough touch events to Citrix 7.15.



TLDR; Touch interfaces (Resistive Touch) does not correctly passthrough touch events to Citrix 7.15.

Is there anything we can do Citrix side to accommodate Resistive Touch events since more modern touch technology works fine?


We are moving user from a Citrix 6.5 XenApp / Windows Server 2008r2 environment over to Citrix 7.15 XenApp / Windows Server 2016.

Some of the users are Warehouse workers and are using vehicle mounted devices as their clients running Windows 10. These devices have Touch interfaces (Resistive Touch) instead of a mouse since they are in a vehicle.

Once these devices connect to the 7.15 environment the touch events are not correctly identified in the Citrix Published App and might mark/highlight a menu item but not open and pressing buttons such as Ok or Cancel will highlight the item but not execute it.

There are different vendors for the vehicle mounted devices so there are 3 different make/models in use. Tactile, Jungheinrich and Honeywell.

On the Tactile devices we updated the touch device driver, and it solved the issue. On Honeywell we had to update the Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB version to LTSC. (I do not remember the exact versions here.) And then update the touch device driver for it to work as expected.

On the Jungheinrich devices we are still experiencing the touch issues after updating both the Windows version from Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB Build 14393, to Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Build 17763, and touch device driver.


If we connect to the 7.15 Citrix environment and start the Published Apps using a newer touch technology on a Lenovo Thinkpad T480 running Windows 10 Enterprise or a Samsung Tablet on Android it works as intended.


The clients are using Citrix Workspace App 1912 LTSR. We install them using the following command.

CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /AutoUpdateCheck=auto /AutoUpdateStream=LTSR /includeSSON /silent /forceinstall ALLOWADDSTORE=N EnableCEIP=False


Does anybody have any insight or experience regarding this issue which might help us come to a solution?

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