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Why is Outlook 2019 so slow to open a mailbox??

Tom Lyczko


I am implementing an on-premises to Exchange Online migration.
All testing has proceeded well regarding Outlook, webmail, etc.


However Outlook 2019 on Citrix takes two minutes to open a mailbox within Citrix.
Why is this??


This is Citrix Virtual Apps version 2103 with Office 2019 installed, all on Windows Server 2019, all current patches and updates installed.


At present, Cached Exchange Mode is not enabled for Outlook 2019.
I know Citrix claims one must install and use Cached Exchange Mode.


However, the same mailbox (~800 MB, quite small) opens immediately within locally installed Outlook. I have seen similar experiences on RDSH hosts for far larger mailboxes within another datacenter that I manage.


Why is Outlook taking so long to open my mailbox??


The same does not happen with a test account even though the test account is much smaller.
So it is not related to mailbox size etc., maybe it is related specifically to the other mailbox.


How do I diagnose and fix this problem??


Thank you, Tom

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