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PVS target device shows member of wrong Security Groyp

Johan Aringgren


We are running 1912 CU3 and 2012 VDA's.


We have a big issue on the newly created VDA's with extremely long logontimes.

Server1 & Server2 are working as intended, but Server3 and Server4 have the error. 


What we have found out is that on the slow Servers (Server3 & Server4)  we get the wrong hostname as illustrated in the image below. 


On a working target device It show the correct computer-name above. 


Any ideas?



Best regard,


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Couple of questions:
* Are 'Server1' and 'Server3' the PVS Server or the streamed target (VDA)?

* If the target, how are they provisioned? Specifically how are the computer accounts managed. 

* I assume the master from which the vDIsk was created was domain joined -- what does RSOP show when you run that machine booted from the local disk instead of PVS?




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This beahviour only is present after booting the targets?

If you run a succesful gpupdate /force and then a gpresult the beahviour is not present?
If so its usually a timing issue at startup, group policy at startup has not succesfully run, maybe network was not fully up. domain controller not available that early during boot etc.

Until gpupdate succesfully runs, the group policy info remains intact from when it was last generated. So gpresult will show info from when vdisk was in read/write mode.


You can put in a local computer startup script, which waits 1-3 minutes or similiar and then calls a gpupdate /force.


Batch file startup script example:
choice /C X /T 120 /D X > nul

gpupdate /force


Powershell startup script example:

Start-Sleep -s 120

gpupdate /force


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