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Password complexity violation not showen on Citrix Gateway

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We're running Citrix Netscaler ADC with 12.1 last build. When users password is expired the password-change dialog was showen and users can change their password as expected (attachment 1).

But when they are using a password that does not matches the complexity policy that is set in AD, they were redirected back to the logon-dialog (attachment 2).


When logging in to local StoreFront the complexity policy warning is showen as expected (attachment 3).


Hope someone can help me fixing it. :-)




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Hi Jens, 

i guess you need "Enhanced Authentication Feedback" - see also: https://www.jgspiers.com/netscaler-enhanced-authentication-feedback/

In that case, you should gain a more useful Message back... but note: Every LDAP Message will also be more informational, also for guys that you do not want to... as you can see in the article above, anyone that tries to find out which login is valid or not will also see a "user not found".




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