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Acrobat Adobe Sign-in issue in Citrix PVS 7.14

Suman Saurabh1709162050


I am running into strange issue.

There are 10 PVS target servers and out of 10 , five servers are giving trouble to the users.


When users login to server between 1-5 Adobe Acrobat works fine but when users login to server between 6-10 they get sign-in prompt.


I checked all 10 servers are using same v-disk and part of same AD OU.


Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Experiencing a similar issue however we've confirmed that it isn't session count related as have instances of 1-2 users on a server and still having issues.


We do however see an active setup / license activation occurring for the users.


So far I've fairly confident its an issue with UPM settings we got in play as the issue doesn't replicate across our FSlogix servers

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