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CVAD 1912 CU 4 Paging File

Travis Wilkinson1709161554


Hey all, question on paging files: 


Using CVAD 1912 CU 4, Server 2016 RDSH, MCS with no IO disk.  Noticed several hosts have high paging file usage (70%-97%), with low memory usage (like 25% or less memory usage).  In the past, WEM Memory Optimization caused this behavior, but that feature has been disabled in our environment for some time since we had plenty of memory.  Discovered that tracking down the culprits of paging file usage is somewhat difficult.  I did try killing some suspect processes on a VDA exhibiting this behavior, and it did bring the paging file use down some, but no silver bullet.  It seems to me that something is trying to optimize the memory usage still by using the paging file.  Has anyone experienced this?

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