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Problems updating the Citrix Workspace app: Does not install / Installation wizard does not start.


Hi everyone,


We are having trouble deploying the Citrix client. We do not know the reason but in the most of cases we cannot get it installed.


We have Receiver clients in version,…, most of them are (4.12) and only in some cases do we have Workspace.


Over the years it has been installed by computer, by user, different versions ... Now we would like to have all clients updated to version 19.12.5000 (I think it is the latest LTSR available and is compatible with Windows 7 and 10).


For the installation we have created some bat file, we have used the scripts recommended by Citrix on the client download website, some script by powershell, manually ... The problem we always have is that on many computers it cannot be updated because it is not installed by GPO and manually the installation wizard does not start!!!. If we try to uninstall with the uninstaller or even the Receiver Clean-Up Utility to make it clean, it is uninstalled but then the worksapce installer does not start after. This is a problem, because if we launch a GPO like this, many computers instead of updating would be without a client.


On some computer, despite having administrator permissions or when launching a test GPO, it has been installed by user, no machine (because it does not appear in C: \ Program Files \ Citrix \ ICA Client). We want everyone to have the same version for all computers and be installed per machine.


In the last tests we were setting: /silent /includeSSON /EnableCEIP = false /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled. Before we have already tried with this commands: /rcu , /forceinstall , /uninstall… the result is always the same, the installation silent or with wizard does not start after the uninstalling.


Our profiles are roaming and we try to install by gpo or ,to test before, manually with administrator permissions.


I also do not know if it is correct to uninstall before to install or it would be better without uninstalling, and how to do it.


I leave data:

-Citrix is v1912.0.2000.

-Clients are W7 32 (the majority) and W10 64.

-Citrix client that we want to deploy is Workspace app 19.12.5000 (LTSR CU5).


Thanks in advance.

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Did you added a store in your install command ("STORE0")?

I wasn't needed in some previous CWA installers, while the latest versions do need a store at install time.


For example:


CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent /noreboot /includeSSON ENABLE_SSON=Yes /AutoUpdateCheck=disabled /EnableCEIP=false ALLOWADDSTORE=N STORE0="WhateverName;https://storefront.yourdomain.boe/Citrix/CompanyNameCitrixStoreInternal/Discovery;On;Citrix Apps"


Can you share error message you are getting? Or maybe post all log files here? The CTX installer logs are in the %temp% folder and have names like CTXReceiverInstallLogs*.

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