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Citrix Cloud - VDA 2006 running on AWS on 2019 Server - Registry key are missing after machine catalog update on some VDA

Steves Begin1709160739


Hi ! 


I've a weird problem at my customer environment. Short story : They use Citrix Cloud for the management pane, VDA 2006 on Windows Server 2019 in AWS.


On our AMI (template), we install a lot of softwares and all is working well. The problem that we have is on some VDA, after a reboot of the VDA, some registry keys are missing. If I verify on the template, registry keys are there. 


It's not GPO related and all VDA are using the same template and all are in the same OU in AD. 


I'm suspecting that something went wrong at the MCS process (creation of new based disk or something like that).


I've also done some check on the preparation machine in the MCS process by setting the autoshutdown at false to let me login on the prep machine and registry key are there.


I've open a SR at Citrix but I think it's going to be a long one so if someone have a great idea, don't be shy :) 


Thanks and have a great day !

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