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Apps Launch on Server, but the session never hands off to Client.

Colin Fijal



I'm completely stuck on this one. We have a functional 1912 CU1 environment. This issue in particular affects 1 Application Delivery group. The other Application Delivery Group is fine. The network rules in place for both Application Delivery Group Servers are identical.


The user will launch an App 'X', 'Y', or 'Z'  from Delivery group 1, and it shows the app(s) launching on the server. I can literally see the user make a remote connection, and I can see the application 'starting' to launch. However, on the desktop, depending on the app, they usually see the Workspace app showing 'Negotiating capabilities'...


On Director, it shows the session as loaded(see attached). One of these apps is scientific, and the other is a simple network shortcut. Nothing ends up populating on the user end.


There are no error messages on the server. 


Director also believes the client is attached via HDX/UDP.  I've read about issues with this where that's not actually the case, but I'm stuck on figuring out what the actual issue is.


Things I've done:

- MCS App server: Cloned a new server from the source MCS source. Distributed it. Re did this several times, after Windows updates, removing 1912 CU1 VDA, and reinstalling it. Etc.


These apps go through our ADC (on prem), and as mentioned I have another Xenapp Delivery group, (identical server build) which successfully gives out apps. This particular problematic server/delivery group was working a week or so ago, and this just stopped working suddenly. 


Any ideas why this would suddenly start? What variable am I missing that would suddenly break a functional Xenapp server that was working last week? ( As mentioned these are MCS clones, and changes cannot be saved (static)) I feel like there is a certificate, or some other variable in play I'm not seeing.




App stuck loading.jpg

Studio Apps 'connected'.jpg

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