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NetScaler VPN, Bookmarks not getting displayed all the time.

Campbell Kay

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Hi Guys,


Have an issue with NetScaler VPN.


We are using the web portal to connect to the VPN and display internal bookmarks to our users. 


Sometimes the pages don't get displayed.  just the standard page cannot be displayed, sometimes it works fine. Struggling to figure out where the issue is.


When i get page cannot be displayed, i can tell test port 443 with powershell and it connects fine, so i dont think its anything to do with networking.  some cases if you disconnect and reconnect it will work or it will fail.


Has anyone seen anything like this or any ideas on finding the cause?





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I'm assuming you meant vpn connections and vpn bookmarks only, but there are a couple of factors.  Full vpn connections vs clientless could also be affected by licensing (more users than you have licensing for).  Bookmarks vs ica published apps may have different factors troubleshooting them.


So, in addtion to Julian's questions: do you mean gateway assigned bookmarks specifically or a difference in ICa published application links?

In addition, are you users accessing gateway in vpn portal only mode, ica proxy/published apps only mode, or a combo vpn and published apps?


Are any of the vpn bookmarks affected by authorization rules due to group membership, gateway epa scans, or source ip filter criteria?
If published apps are also affected, are any of their resources affected by split tunnel, authorization policies on gateway (same criteria as above) or smart access filters affecting published app delivery for apps delivered via gateway?


If gateway and citrix storefront are involved, is there an issue with the storefront load balancing or config replication.

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