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URL Transform to another URL with dynamic Session ID

Roberto Pereira

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I tried to create the necessary transform rules using this articles (https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/388909-url-transform-to-another-url-but-keep-orginial/ and https://blogs.serioustek.net/post/2015/05/05/netscaler-url-transform-aspx), but I don't find the correct transform urls that it works. 


On the internal webserver (without ADC), following URLs are used:

Browser Introduced URL: https://localhost/sub-dom/example-webclient/ss/s/omsv_material

Webserver Response URL: https://localhost/sub-dom/example-webclient/?x=eNHGHS4wgO9kbsIXaozZFg (the last part after ?x= changes with a new ssl session)


We would like to achieve, that the customer can introduce https://sub.acme.ch/ss/webclient from external over the ADC and that this URL does not change and the webserver response is presented.


I try following Transform Action:

Request URL From: /ss/webclient

Request URL Into: /sub-dom/example-webclient/ss/s/omsv_material

Response URL From: /sub-dom/example-webclient/(.*)

Response URL  Into: /ss/webclient/$1


Now when accessing the Webserver from External, I receive following response:

Browser introduced URL: https://sub.acme.ch/ss/webclient

URL changes to: https://sub.acme.ch/ss/webclient/;jsessionid=55ED89AFD16E111CFE6C071764A773F3?x=IUaIO1oh7mxlYMGTlMz7Yg (and a white page appear instead of login page)


Somebody can help me?


Thank you

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Well this is kind of a strange behavior for a web application.

Usually you have URL parameters (those after the ?) in request, not in response.


I also can't figure out how the webserver can understand which client is generating the request if you don't insert any parameter in the request (assuming the webserver generates what seems to be a sessionid (x=eNHGHS4wgO9kbsIXaozZFg)... I would like to interact with this webapp!


Can you share a screenshot of the network tab from Browser's Developer Tools showing those requests and response (without ADC)?

P.S.: Pay attention to any private data (hostnames, IP Addresses, etc...)

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