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Cannot create personal bookmarks

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Hi all,

I'm trying to setup bookmarks on a Citrix ADC, the result is that I'm unable to add custom personal bookmarks from the GUI. Any bookmark generated from the Admin Interface is working right.

Here's what I can see:

From Firefox console I can see a 500 Internal Server Error reported by Netscaler, and also a JS output saying there was an error




If I move to the ADC cli and try to fire the newbm.pl script here's what it says to me:



I'm not a perl guru so I may have missing something in the CLI part, but the result is that users are unable to add their own bookmarks.


Firmware: 13.0 83.29.nc

Didn't test (and cannot ATM) any other firmware


I would like to now if this is a firmware issue or if I messed up something


Thanks for your time

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14 hours ago, Oscar Duvan Giraldo Romero said:


Try the following command "chown nobody ./*.xml", on the directory /var/vpn/bookmark,


That solved the same problem of 500 server internal error, although I have a version 12.1 build 57.18.



It works!!! Do I need to do it every time a new user logs in (and a new username.xml file is created?)

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