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ADC RPC Secure impact post firmware upgrade

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Hello Everyone,


As part of vulnerability mitigation, We need to upgrade  our ADC from 12.1.-58.15 to release 12.1-63.22. I read an article that post 12.1-61.x RPC secure option is enabled by default. To test it, I just upgraded to version 12.1-63.22 in my test environment and can see RPC secure is now changed to ON. This is a standalone node so no issue but in prod we have HA pairs and multi site GSLB configured so I want your help with below queries. Please help


1. Post upgrade, Will it cause an impact to HA and GSLB sync if port 3008, 3009 not enabled at firewall ? 

2. Is it possible to disable RPC secure if we come across any issues post upgrade ? I tried on my test node but it's returning error (PFA), Even if I am checking option, no help. 





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Hi Vipin, 


Yes, you will have some comunication issues post upgrade if the relevant ports are not open on FW,


Can you check and make sure Secure RPC is in fact OFF on your current Prod ADC's?


You can use the following article for assistance - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX114087


And can also set RPC to OFF post upgrade anyway, using above instructions, probably best to try it via the CLI

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