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Citrix profile management and full User profile layers

Ken Christman



We are starting to use App Layers with full user profile layers.  It was suggested to us that it is best to use both Citrix profile management and user layers together because this simplifies profile resets by allowing the Citrix profile to be reset while maintaining the user files in the profile layer. 

We are seeing several issues with user profiles, specifically with the Office 365 layer. Outlook is usually the first indicator of the problem, It will become disconnected and shows "Need Password" in the lower right side of the Outlook window, but you can't enter the password.  We also have some users who lose their "Activation" and need to sign in with their office account again, but the sign-in fails to stick.  

My theory is both CPM, and the User layer are saving user changes, and eventually, it corrupts the user's profile, and they can't sign into the suite any longer? If we reset the Citrix profile, sign the user into Office, and create their Outlook profile again, everything is fine for a while, but eventually, the same thing happens.


Is it good practice to use both CPM and User layers, and if so, should I be excluding specific folders from CPM?






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Hi Ken,


You might want to work to split up the issue by testing with a test user or your own account without CPM to see if this is something with the user layer or cpm.   


Make sure you are using shared computer activation.


We do have this troubleshooting guide which is worth looking at as well



But when using the user layer it might make sense to exclude the office licensing locations since those will be saved automatically into the user layer.  

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