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Migrating Machine Catalogs to New Storage Resource - XenDesktop 7.15

Dave Ward1709159951


We are in the process of migrating our environment over to our new SAN setup and decommission the current one.


I have added the new SAN as an additional resource in Hosting, and also added the storage units to the current resource and switched all current storage units to superseded. The Desktops within VMWare have also already been migrated to the storage LUNS via device migration.


However, when we update the machines using a new snapshot in Citrix Studio the old machine catalogs add an entry back into the old cluster. Obviously, this was expected since this is the resource and storage that the machine were created using MCS on. 


Is there a way we can change the resource ID to the new Hosting resource that the Machine Catalog references for all previously created Machine Catalogs without the need for deleting all the Delivery Groups and Machine Catalogs (but leaving their accounts in AD) and recreating them all anew since we have a vast number of them to do.

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With MCS you can't migrate the machines to another storage. 

If you need to do this, you need to remove all machines and recreate them within a new machine catalog. 

You don't need to delete and recreate the Delivery group. 


You can create new VM's in a new Machine catalog and add the to the Same delivery group you already have and then delete the old VM's and machine catalog, then you don't have any downtime. 

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