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citrix workspace not working with macos monterey

Mustafa Ergin


I am using "MacOS Monterey 12.0.1" and "Citrix Workspace app 2111 for Mac". I am logging into the remote machine but I can not click anywhere. I can see the mouse cursor moving but when I click nothing happens. I can not open, close or move any window or application on remote machine. Is there anyone with similar problems?

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I would find this happens on my setup with multiple monitors from time to time and the only way I could get it working again was to switch between full screen and windowed mode on the published desktop.  Sometimes one monitor would go into windowed mode and the others full, etc.  Now with 2111 on the it doesn't remember use all monitors in full screen so every time I connect I have to go to windowed mode then full screen and it works again for that session.  

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Suffering from this also. MBA with dual external monitors. cursor disappears. Also installed the latest version of Monterey today (12/14/21) and problem doesn't go away. Tried the latest Citrix version and also older releases and the problem is there for all of them. The above workaround does seem to work though.

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