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Citrix ADC Reboot loop

Marcel Zunnebeld

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Hi, we have an issue with our ADC. If I add a 2nd node (HA setup), and set the RPC password on both nodes:
set ns rpcnode <ip1> -Password
set ns rpcnode <ip2> -Password
The second ADC will reboot and enter a reboot loop. (The rpcpassword is the same as the password for nsroot).
A newly created VPX will not have the problem until it is added to the HA setup. The primary NetScaler also only comes up after a reboot loop of 5 reboots.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? In the nsrestart.sh I see the following: Netscaler restarting due to critical failure or explicit restart

The problem is in version but also in

And we don't use AppFlow.....

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Bart,

It turns out that the problem is not in the RPCNode passwords but in a Syslog Auditing policy 
As soon as I add these lines, and then perform a sync, the secondary node goes into the reboot loop:

add audit syslogAction styx.<domainname>.com styx.<domainname>.com -logLevel ALL -dateFormat YYYYMMDD -acl ENABLED -timeZone LOCAL_TIME -userDefinedAuditlog YES -appflowExport ENABLED -lsn ENABLED -alg ENABLED -subscriberLog ENABLED -dns ENABLED -ContentInspectionLog ENABLED -sslInterception ENABLED -urlFiltering ENABLED

add audit syslogPolicy "Styx Syslogger" ns_true styx.<domainname>.com

bind system global "Styx Syslogger" -priority 100

Disabling the appflow logging also makes no difference, the secondary server goes into a reboot loop.

If this server (Styx Syslogger ) and the policies are removed, the VPX will reboot normally. So the cause is somewhere in this policy. 

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we have same issue with our ADC in latest version 12.1 build 63.22, when we exec synchronization or failover, 2nd node enter in a reboot loop.

After the suggestion to remove lines related to syslog auditing policy, no more problem of endless reboot.


I guess we are facing a bug, before the version upgrade we had no problem.


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It does indeed appear to be a bug. But also in the 13.0 version.
We didn't have the problem before version 13.0-82.42, after that we did.

Specifying the auditing server by IP solves the problem. I can check all logging without getting the problem. Problem solved!!
(as soon as I change server IP to Server Domain Name the problem is back).
Thanks for the tip!!

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On 11/20/2021 at 11:43 AM, Stefan Wendrich1709160263 said:

we have with server ip the same issue... no solution yet.

Stefan, I am trying to diagnose a similar issue. Do you happen to have both "-ServerIP" and "[IP_Address]" in the syslog policy or just the IP address? 


add audit syslogAction [syslog_name] -ServerIP [IP_Address]

or is it

add audit syslogAction [syslog_name] [IP_Address]

(no -ServerIP switch used)


13/04/23  - After speaking with support they confirmed the  -ServerIP switch is not required so long as the IP address is being used. Still investigating my issue.

Edited by Daniel Espana
spoke with support
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