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Alekberov Hikmet

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In our company we are using Citrix Netscaler ADC VPX (200). The version is 12.1. Now I download new version Citrix 13.0. So I install licenses to the new one.  I took the ssl folder and ns.config file from old one via WinScp and put it to the new one and reboot it. But it is not working.  I don`t know how to migration the old version Citrix config file`s  and ssl keys to the new one. Please can you help me about this ? How can I do this  ? 

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Its much easier to deal with them when they are HA pairs.   If you wanted to add the 13.0 to the 12.1 pair you could you either downgraded to 13.0 or upgraded to 12.1 to match then put them in HA pair.  Once the are in HA pair and config/files are synced it is much easier to break them and make changes.  Once they are HA pair you can upgrade one or the other and still have th HA pair technically work it just wont sync or prop while they have different versions.  

Best way to migrate config and ssl key is to set them up in an original HA pair to get them to copy/sync and then you can move away with one side .

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