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Cordova mamsdk plugin not working @ cordova-android 10.0.0 and higher.

Tom Nijsen


Hi, i'm having problems running our app at cordova android 10.0.0 and higher with the cordovamamsdk plugin for cordova. Our app is working fine with Cordova mamsdk plugin on cordova android 9.1.0.

When running our app on cordova-android 10.0.0 or higher, the apps starts (splashscreen is visible) after that the app does not show up at all.


To exclude that is has something to do with our app configuration i build several testapps. I also build the sampleapp you are providing. All of these apps work fine on cordova-android 9.1.0. After upgrading to cordova 10.0.0 or higher the same problem occurs as in our main app.  


What i can see in the log is that it stops at line

 W/.cordova.mamsd: Accessing hidden method Landroid/webkit/WebViewClient;->onUnhandledInputEvent(Landroid/webkit/WebView;Landroid/view/InputEvent;)V (greylist, linking, allowed)


regards, Tom


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On 11/16/2021 at 3:53 PM, Raju Nandy said:

Hi Tom,

Are you seeing any specific error in the logs? Currently we are working on a similar issue for Cordova Android@10 platform where app launch is getting stuck.


Okay i guess this is the same issue because i also reported this issue in my company, and they contacted one of your colleagues at Citrix. I also shared my logs with him and your colleageu created a ticked for this issue. I'm waiting for the outcome.


Thank you for responding.  

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