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"An error occurred while attempting to create a computer account on the Active Directory server"

Jesse Boyce1709163078



I'm trying to setup a new Virtual Apps Essentials instance to enable some testing activities.  My team have another instance of Virtual App Essentials that was setup a number of years ago which is working.  


When I try to create a catalog in the new instance, using the same service account and OU details, it errors out almost immediately with the error: "An error occurred while attempting to create a computer account on the Active Directory server. Ensure that the cloud connectors have proper connectivity to the Active Directory Domain Controllers and that the service account <account name> has permission to create computer accounts in the OU".


The service account specified does have the rights to create computer account objects in the OU (but no rights in Azure).  The AD in use is a standard type of AD and the Cloud Connectors can connect to those servers successfully.  One thing I've noticed the objects related to provisioning the machines (like the resource group, VMs themselves etc) never seem to get created in Azure.  If I use a service account that has rights in Azure, the process seems to work, with the relevant objects being created in Azure and the domain joining happening at the end of the process.  However, my understanding is the service account shouldn't need these rights anyway.


Is there some way I can get this working?  Thanks.

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Can you create a new support ticket and provide us with the transaction id. we will be able to investigate what happened from the logs.  When you create your first catalog with VAE, two connectors are provisioned in Azure. They will be connected to the same VNET that the VDAs will be deployed in. If that VNET does not have proper access to the AD, then setup will fail.

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