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Unable to deinstall Worspace App and no working reinstall possible

Alexander Meins




my company uses a two-factor login page on the internet, after authentification we can access office and other programs via Citrix.
Ususlly this works fine, but I have an quite new Acer laptop where the Citrix Workspace App just didn't launch the apps after choosing
them with the mouse. Nothing happened...

I then tried to deinstall the Worspace App, but deinstalling hung after a while and didn't continue. Waited for quite a log time, process did
not end and needed to be manually killed. After the second attempt failed, I used an "uninstaller freeware" to remove the Citrix Worspace
so that I can cleanly install it new. Didn't work.

The new install seems to run fine. But when I want to actually launch an App from my companies portal, I get an error message that
ICAWebwrapper.msi is missing.  On the internet there are some workaround by using the "\extract" command line, but I didn't get this

working either.

What is a possible sollution to this mess?
*) is there a real "clean up tool" so that a new install would likely be successfull?
*) is there an alternative tool to the Worspace App?
*) would the Worspace Chrome app an option? But I have no idea that URL to use.


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