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SQL account in Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup 1912

Mark Dieken


I am going through the setup of a new site for Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912.  I do not see where you can specify the SQL account information.

I am not using SQL Express but a full SQL server account.  Can anyone tell me how to specify this?  Do I have to install using powerscript or something?

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks in Advance!

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No SQL service account is needed with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop, each individual delivery controller is granted access to the databases. The user performing the delivery controller install, will need a certain set of permissions on the SQL server, if that is not possible to have the setup wizard create a SQL script for someone with the right permissions to execute on the SQL server.

You can find more information about database creation here:


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Windows authentication is required between the Controller and the databases. A Controller can be unplugged or turned off without affecting other Controllers in the site. This means, however, that the Site database forms a single point of failure. If the database server fails, existing connections continue to function until a user either logs off or disconnects. For information about connection behavior when the Site database becomes unavailable, see Local Host Cache.


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