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Setting up HA Sync VLAN for ISSU before major version upgrade?


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Hello - we run 2x ADC appliances that we built from vmware OVA files. They are an HA pair right now on 12.1. The HA pair has worked great for the past couple of years for doing hotfix updates without any downtime, but now that 13.1 is out, we'd like to do a supported upgrade path, which I believe is 12.1 -> 13.0 -> 13.1. I saw on this page that there's a new feature (as of v13.0?) called ISSU which would allow for a no-downtime major version upgrade. Unfortunately I'm not a full time Citrix sysadmin so I'm not an expert, and am hoping to get some advice.




The main thing is the HA Sync VLAN - I am not sure how to go about setting this up, and whether it can be done without scheduling a downtime.


Right now, each VM has 2x virtual NICs on our DMZ (vlan 584).


At this point, would the easiest thing to do be to add a 3rd virtual nic to each ADC vm that is in different subnet (vlan 6), make sure it gets an IP address and is visible in the CLI/GUI, "tag" the interface with vlan 6, and then follow these instructions to set HA sync to VLAN 6? Any steps I might be missing? https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/13/system/high-availability-introduction/restricting-high-availability-synchronization-traffic-to-a-vlan.html


Would a connectivity-interrupting downtime be created by following this method? This article here from 2016 mentions that using tagged VLANs requires a reboot of the netscaler - but that shouldn't be a downtime-causing problem since they're in an HA pair and I can do each one's setup individually while its the secondary node.


Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve adding another vNIC to the VMs?


Hopefully these are easy questions. I'm just trying to be very cautious.

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