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14" MacBook Pro clicked content incorrect by status bar height.

Cole Shepherd


After connecting my new 14inch macbook to a secondary display which becomes the main display - any selected content on the macbook 14 inch screen is off by the height of the status bar. In order to select an icon I need to hover the length of the status bar above the item and I'm able to select it. This is miserable when actually trying to use citrix workspace across two screens when the mac is the secondary display.


Anyone else facing this issue / know how to report it further?




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I had same issue and both my company IT and Citrix don’t seem to have a fix yet.  

I’m using MacBookPro 14, M1pro chip, connected to 2 external HP 24” displays. 


I’ve found that workspace app for Mac Version 2109.1 is the most stable and to workaround both the “enter full display” glitches and fix the mouse click registration being slightly off on the MBP display when in multiple display full screen, you need to set Citrix Viewer to  “scale below the built in camera’

Here are the steps, go to: 


Macintosh HD —> Library —> Application Support —> Citrix Receiver —> and right click on Citrix Viewer, then click “get info” and when the Citrix Viewer Info window pops up, check off “Scale to Fit below built in camera”


If you restart your computer and then log into your secure workspace, it should resolve the curser issue (at least it did for me).


Good luck! 

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