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Using ADM to perform universal updates for an SDX>ADC>ADM


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Hello community.


I apologize in advance if there is a better tree location for this question.  I also apologize in advance if there is some form of sticky for this question.  I did do a search but it is possible in the wrong place?


I am wondering if anyone may have a location of either Citrix docs, or on Carl Stallhood's site (I could not find) for using ADM to upgrade an SDX appliance and its subsequent ADC instances. (as well as updating ADM itself)


I know there has to be a specific order of doing this etc.  and it would be great to have some form of documentation to start with.

What I have done so far in the past is CLI in, perform the task manually with the SDX and then the ADCs and then ADM itself.


I would imagine using ADM's feature for updates there is a much more streamlined way to accomplish this in entirety but so far I've only been using ADM for doing ADC instances on an SDX and that is all.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance.


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There's no formal docs beyond the how to upgrade each component.

There's no all-in-on as you described, but the ADM has update tasks that manage upgrades of SDX's and ADC's.


1) Use Configuration Jobs to do upgardes:  ADM:  Network > Configuration Jobs > Maintenance Jobs (I believe). In an HA pair the existing job, handles the upgrade secondary, disables sync/prop, upgrades primary.  Your are encouraged to try on a test ha pair to see how it behaves before you try a production pair.  But its a very robust job and you should need to create a custom variant.



2)   There is a similar SDX upgrade job:  


Instances on SDX here.

https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-software/current-release/networks/configuration-jobs/how-to-upgrade-sdx-instances.html  (And adding instances to SDX upgrade job here.)

Unfortunately, the exact events of the SDX upgrade task are not as documented as the other, beyond this:  "you can also set execution details where you can perform the upgrade process now or schedule it for a later date. You can also choose to back up your Citrix ADC SDX instance, receive an execution report through email, or perform a two-stage upgrade for nodes in HA."

I personally have not seen the sdx upgrade events in detail. More familiar with ADC upgrade job. Someone else may have more info.



3) The ADM doesn't have a configuration JOB for its own upgrade as JOBS are for devices it manages. ADM upgrades are done via its System panel and done normally for itself.  ADM Nitro API calls would be a way to invoke this through scripting....but not an ADM orchestrated task that I'm aware of.


Standard Order for upgrades, 

Usually, unless documentation versions say otherwise**

1) If you are upgrading SDX/VPX to versions NEWER than what your version of ADM supports, you would usually upgrade ADM first.  Though the ADM notes may more more info.

2) If you are moving ADC VPX's to a version NEWER than the current version of SDX supports, then SDX might need to be done first.

3) If the version of ADC VPX you are on isn't dependent on SDX (or if it is an older version for which an upgrade to SDX would be unable to support), you would then need VPX upgrade first.

SDX Appliance upgrade procedures:  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/sdx/current-release/single-bundle-upgrade.html


Standard procedure for managing instances in HA pairs while on an SDX system:

1. Move "primary" role of all vpx instances to "SDX B".  

2. Set all "secondary vpxs" to "staysecondary", save config, and shutdown.  Shutdown all VPXs (which should now be secondary roles only) on SDX A.  And really, shutdown any pairs you don't need.

3.  Upgrade SDX A. Wait for entire upgrade to complete and then boot SDX A.

4.  Power on secondary vpxs on SDX A.

5.  Prepare them for failover. Remove staysecondary and save config.

6.  Now repeat procedure in for SDX B... (move primary instances to SDX A, shtudown instances on SDX B, proceed with SDX B upgrade.)




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Thank you very much for this! I appreciate the help.


So it seems as of now there is nothing utility wise other than tasking out what I've done manual but it is still separate in the sense that you engage each environment at a time.


From what I remember the order is  SDX>VPX>ADM as far as bringing all to the same version.  Correct?

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