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Modify "error" message with max login attempts

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I am working on ADC 12.1 and trying to customize the message which is displayed when using the max login attempts on gateway. 

Using the X1 theme i have enabled 3 max login attempts and 1 minute timeout. After the 4th attempt with the wrong password i am redirected to the following page; 


https://xxx.abc.com/cgi/login  and with the following message; 

You have exceeded maximum login attempts.
Please try after 1 minutes.


Where can i modify this message text? have looked everywhere in the /var/netscaler/logon/themes directory, modified every en.xml file but still nothing. rebooted the ADC (maybe cache related) still no succes. 


Maybe with a rewrite to replace the text and if so what is the action and policy for this? 

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