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Has anyone been successful in layering Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 in final image or as an elastic layer with full user layers?

Corey Stewart


So far, I have been unsuccessful in using layering Adobe CC in images utilizing full user layers, specifically InDesign.  We used to be able to install the CC suite, in the user layer, and it worked for a couple of years. Then after an CC update, I forget which version , InDesign just crashes on start.  I made a work around by creating another machine group and image where CC was installed in the OS images.  These machines are random and pooled with no application layering.  


InDesign error report attached.  Of course, no help from Adobe support on the issue.  Issue has spanned different OS image builds. VDA  and ELM versions.  Currently trying new OS 21H1 build, VDA 2106 and ELM is ver.


Is anyone else having issues with InDesign and App  Layering?

InDesign Error.txt

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I can't say whether it's the same issue, but we faced something similar back in June of this year.  Adobe support provided us a workaround that worked for us.  We needed to add the following location to the Microsoft Defender exclusions list (which we did via GPO):

  • C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Temp\DBTmp*

  • C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\*\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery\DBTmp*

This issue ever only occurred in our user-layer enabled VDI environment, but we applied the fix to our InDesign users on physical devices too just in case.  I've given to understand that this bug was being worked on internally, and I was planning to test it again in December, and reach back out to them if it's not solved.

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Yes, the issue does only seem to occur when a user layer is applied.  If the image is setup to not use full user layers, InDesign does not exhibit any issues.  It does not matter if Adobe CC is installed in an app layer, used as an elastic layer or if it is installed in the OS layer.


I will add the exclusions above and test.



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