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Second App prompt a full reconnect then blink active app and open the called app

Francois Parent


i got a problem with launching a second app with VDA 2106 on server, citrix workspace 2106 or more, same problem


computer in error are all HP computer, pretty much all computer work fine, some don't


i try Cleaner tool the /forceinstall, delete local user profile etc...


anyone of you have encountered this situation?


thank you



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Hello Francois,

glad I've found your post. Seems like we are having the same issue. 

We use Virtual Apps 2103 with Citrix Workspace App 2105 (2107 tomorrow), VDA 2109. Since VDA 2103 we have also some users with HP computer or notebooks who encounter this issue. It's a site where about 1100 users are working with and only a few users have this issue. They launch their first published application and the launch is slow, because the Workspace App window with the progress bar disappears up to 3 times. If they launch the next application the progress bar of the Workspace App is showing up again up to 3 times, the launched applications disappear and reappear with the 2nd application started. 

-> With the same user on my notebook the session launch is working with no issues. 

-> With the same user connected from the not working client to a VDA 1906 and upm 21.6 the session launch works

-> With the same user connected from the not working client to a VDA 2109 with upm 21.6 the issue exists

Workspace App clean-up and reinstall did not help.

Replaced the computer of one of these users with another model, the issue is still there.


I'm a bit lost.


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We've tested with more VDA and Workspace App versions.

Citrix Workspace App 2105, 2107, 1912 -> issue exists

VDA 2109 -> issue exists

VDA 2106 -> issue exists

VDA 2103 -> issue exists

VDA 2012 -> issue doesn't exist

VDA 1906.2 -> issue doesn't exist


This shows issue starts with VDA 2103. I've read Citrix eDocs What's new in VDA 2103 and cannot find any related new features. 

EDT (Adaptive Transport) is disabled in our environment.

I've disabled Loss Tolerant Mode, Profile Folder Streaming and Virtual Security Channel which are new features, but issue is still there.



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Hi bjoern, i forgot to update this, 


we have pinpointed my problem, the logitech C270 Webcam, is causing the problem in my envirronement.


for now i have a case open with citrix but nothing show up to fix the problem without updating/removing the webcam to another newer model. 


the problem seems to be the old 2006 windows driver used for the webcam.


we are still invertigating

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The webcam issue starts as soon as VDA 2103 and above is used. I've found some information about changes to webcam redirection in vda 2103.

"HDX webcam compression no longer requires the VDA to encode, transcode, and decode H.264 video resources. By default, the server streams video directly to the video conferencing applications running in the virtual session."

I suspect that logitech webcams can't handle this feature.

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I've configured a key in the vda image from Logitech webcams session dis- and reconnection - XenDesktop 7.x - Discussions (citrix.com). 

Path :HKLM\Software\Citrix\SvcHost\IcaCtlsSvcs\
Value: GvchEnable
Type: DWORD Data: 0


VDA restart needed.

It disables the generic video camera handler. No negative side effects in my site.


This solved my issue.

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