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Why is my ADC Clock on Speed?

Steffen Doering

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I apologize for the unprofessional title, but I was startled that I even had to ask this question.


So now to the problem:


Our SAML login to Sharefile is always down after a few hours. 
While searching for the error we found that the ADC was a few days ahead of time. The first time it was OK in our eyes because we had recently done some work on our domain controller and we assumed that we had destroyed the NTP server.


However, a short time later again the SAML login did not work and the time was again ahead now I sat down and measured the times with a stopwatch because the time passed too quickly for me when querying the time in the ADC CLI(?)strange(?)


Well now to what I found.

If 60 seconds pass in real then according to ADC exactly 81 seconds pass.
I disabled every NTP sync I found and killed existing NTP processes via CLI.
And the problem persists.


Has anyone experienced this before and might have an idea what could be causing this?


We have the ADC Verison NS13.0 82.45.nc.


I have attached some screenshots where you can see the error.





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tbh i have not seen that before. when you configure an NTP server -  does the time sync itself work correctly? (show ntp status)

Do you have a virtual appliance or hardware appliance? If it is virtual - does any other VM on the same hypervisor host have the same issue unrecognized?

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This would be a good thing to log a formal support case on.


As Jens said...


And if so which model and/or sdx version or other hypervisor and version in use. Along with the firmware above.


If virtual or SDX is clock synced, timezone set, and then ntp enabled properly on both the sdx/hypervisor and the vpx instance?

If MPX, I would review to make sure the clock is manually set, timezone is set, and then ntp enabled and see if the issue persists.


If the hypervisor clock is the source of the issue this may be a separate thing from adc, so they might both need to be accounted for.  Still likely needs a support case as it shouldn't be doing that but the "hypervisor" might be at fault instead of the adc.

If MPX only... support case.



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