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Error while creating storage SR on clustered pool on Citrix 8.2 OS

Rod Chapin


Hello Team,

I am trying to run/validate Citrix Storage Certs against my storage controllers but i am hitting an error while executing the multipath tests. The error i see as mentioned below.

[root@citrix-sas-host2 XenCert]# xe sr-create type=gfs2 name-label="Example GFS2 SR" --shared device-config:provider=hba device-config:SCSIid=3600c0ff0006463adc07c816101000000
An operation was attempted while clustering was disabled on the cluster_host.
cluster_host: 1cb4d68c-3b89-4037-99de-a29d9fdc8688

Not sure what is wrong here, i have 2 hosts in the cluster pool and both give same error.

Any help in debugging and resolving the above issue is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

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I did some debugging and found out few things.


1. I see that clustering is enabled on node 1 , but node 2 it is not.


[root@citrix-sas-host2 XenCert]# xe cluster-host-list
uuid ( RO)                  : 96e301a6-990c-472e-998c-250aa35b70f6
               cluster ( RO): e729861f-29d7-4d88-8677-60e88439b002
                  host ( RO): e9a1b082-2446-40d6-9e38-f5fb2d8c1ce9
               enabled ( RO): true
    allowed-operations (SRO): disable; enable
    current-operations (SRO):
          other-config (MRO):

uuid ( RO)                  : 1cb4d68c-3b89-4037-99de-a29d9fdc8688
               cluster ( RO): e729861f-29d7-4d88-8677-60e88439b002
                  host ( RO): adb0600f-384c-42e0-a034-b407c128e602
               enabled ( RO): false
    allowed-operations (SRO):
    current-operations (SRO):
          other-config (MRO):



2. Not sure if there is an command to enable clustering on the node2.


Let me know if you guys know something on this.

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