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Add new datastore to existing resource connection in studio



Our VMware guys have recently added a new datastore to the non-persistent VDI cluster(MCS). The storage on the current resource connection is nearly full and cannot spin up new VDIs on the current machine catalog.


Is it possible at all to map the same datastore to the resource in hosting connection so the new VDIs we're going to create on existing catalog will use the new datastore?(I know that we can't have this storage configured for already running VDIs in the catalog ) Or do I need to create a new resource connection for the newly added datastore and create new machine catalog and VDIs.


Also, is there a way to use the new datastore on existing MCS machine catalog without having to recreate everything from scratch. 

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Thanks James. Can you confirm the new datastore or LUN allocated to the VDI cluster in Vsphere will automatically appear under the existing resource in hosting connection so I that will just edit and select that.


I was under impression that we will only be able to edit and enable/disable the datastores that are already mapped to the resource at the time of creating the resource under hosting connection. 

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