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Migration to Citrix Cloud



We have an old Citrix solution thats running Citrix XenDesktop/ XenApp 7.6

PVS 7.1. Hypevisor XenServer 6.2.

The only component we want to stay OnPrem are our Netscalers.

We plan to have all the other Citrx components in the cloud.


We want to use VMware as Hypervior.

We don´t want to keep XenServer because of manageability reason.


Now then, what is the "best" way to MIgrate to the Cloud 

1. Build all the images from the beginning in VMware and using MC (Machine Creation Service)

2. Converting (if it possible) all the vDisks to use Machine Creation Service.

3. Stay with PVS and do what?


Users: about 1500




Really appreciate your answer






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PVS isn't supported in Citrix Cloud, so you need MCS anyway.   I think it may be in Preview now, but it's not in general availability yet.


So, personally I would start over, one catalog at a time, with new images in VMware.   I suspect that trying to convert images from XenServer to VMware, at the same time as changing from PVS to MCS, and also at the same time as using new and up to date VDAs is a recipe for subtle problems at best.   It's also a good chance to clear out the accumlated cruft from each image - it always builds up over time.


Get a pilot up and running with a couple of Cloud Connectors, and build a test catalog that replicates one of your existing on-prem ones.   You can use the existing Storefronts and Netscalers to make testing easy, just add the Cloud Connectors in as if they were delivery controllers from a second Citrix farm.  Then you can present new icons from Citrix Cloud farm to some users and get them testing, see how they get on.   Assuming all is well you can then migrate users over to the new farm and VMs without the users themselves really knowing any different.


Rinse and repeat for your other machine catalogs until it's all migrated over and you can decom your old 7.6 farm.

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