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How to Utilize 2 of my 3 Displays

Michael Brown1709163047


Good Afternoon,


I am looking for assistance on setting up my Citrix Workspace Receiver to only utilize two of my three monitors. 


Currently, I have tried several solutions such as centering it between two monitors & maximizing, but no matter what I attempt, it always maximizes to all 3 screens, unless I select to only use a single display.


If anyone might have insight, I would truly appreciate the information. 


System Information:


  • image.thumb.png.f79bd318b0941815072c301e57ba4e49.png
  • GPU: GTX 3060



Thank you,


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I am not aware of any setting to do what you want but Workspace App will remember the status and location of the last disconnect. Which could find as follow:

There are all VDAs which this client launched. Click one of VDAs name, you can find the registry key which defined the Desktop Viewer location.

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