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Citrix External URL VIP is resolving to Internal Web

Arasu Murugan

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I have created a site  in CVAD 71912 CU3 LTSR where single FQDN is used for both internal and external URL. The internal URL is working fine as expected.

We are using F5 Load balancer for accessing external Citrix URL. We have configured F5 load balanced VIP in storefront for external link.

When I access the Public IP of my external Citrix URL, it is resolving to internal store web instead of external store web.


Internal Store - Myweb

External Store - My_AGWeb (AG-Access gateway)

The issue is Public IP --- >https://CitrixURL.com/Citrix/MyStore_web

The expectation is  Public IP--->https://CitrixURL.com/Citrix/MyStore_AGweb/


Also, the external URL https://CitrixURL.com/Citrix/MyStore_AGweb/ is accessible in intranet which should not be. It seems that this external URL is considered as internal URL. 

The internal beacon --- Intranet Site

The external beacon --- www.citrix.com; www.google.com


Any idea where could be the issue. 


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