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VIP with HTML page via responder on netscaler that displays the Original client source IP

Josh Slaney

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I'm looking to build a VIP with a responder policy that displays an HTML page as a solution for IP reputation blocks.  My IP reputation policies would have a redirect to this VIP where a page is displayed that gives instructions for how to fix the reputation if they believe it to be incorrect.  I have code from a web developer that looks at the headers of the http request so I intend to use a rewrite that inserts "X-Forwarded-For" with the original client IP within a web page.


The problem I am running into is that I believe the responder with the HTML page is being hit before the rewrite policy happens for the X-Forwarded-For rewrite. The processing order of the policies is making it difficult to have a single VIP that displays the html data that I want.  I have tried creating a Content Switching VIP that applies the rewrite that sends to a VIP that has the responder policy applied for the HTML page. That doesnt seem to make a difference. I see that i have 0 hits on the rewrite policy.


My rewrite policy looks like this:

add rewrite action Insert_SourceIP_as_X-Forwarded-For insert_http_header X-Forwarded-For CLIENT.IP.SRC

add rewrite policy Insert_X-Forwarded-For true Insert_SourceIP_as_X-Forwarded-For


This would obviously be very simple if hosted a web server behind a VIP that inserted the X-Forwarded-For but I'm trying to host the page on the Netscaler.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to display the original IP of the request on a html page hosted on the netscaler?



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