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Citrx VDAs via Imprivata OneSign and iGEL OS.

Fahid Shaheen

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We're testing out delivering Citrix VDAs via iGEL OS devices and using the Imprivata appliance mode on the iGELs.


If I set the address as one of the on-premises StoreFront FQDNs (on the Imprivata policy for Virtual Desktops), you can sign in on the Imprivata login on the iGEL OS machine.  It works every time.

If I disable one of the SF servers on the ADC Virtual Server (where two SF servers are load balanced), it works every time (this is with the Virtual Server load balanced URL).


It's only when both are load balanced on Virtual Server, that we get issues.

Once the Imprivata login screen shows and then you enter your credentials, you get an error: "the XenDesktop server is not available".


I thought it could be an issue with the session persistence settings on the Virtual Server group.

It was set to COOKIEINSERT only.  Got some advice from a Citrix consultant to try setting the back up method to SOURCEIP.

Added the back up method, but the issue remains.


Would appreciate any help.



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