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ADC configuration comparison

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I have two ADCs of which I need to compare the configurations.  Eventually, these configurations will need to match.  Here is the meat of the question:  


I have two separate GSLB sites, and they are production.  The ns.conf of each VPX is around 900 lines long, and I have four pairs in each site.  Needless to say, it'll be very difficult and time consuming to one-by-one these manually, especially since there will be some expected differences.  


Which tools are available to export the differences in configuration, and how can I filter those differences to only include the differences that need to change in order to match the configurations with one another?  


If I use sync gslb config -preview, will it make changes or is that a safe way to export the list of differences?  I do not wish to make changes on accident, so if there's a quick/easy way to do this, that'd be ideal.  I have a time constraint on this request, so I'll be working the issue, as I have a few people waiting on my completion of this task. 

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I suppose it depends on how comfortable you are with the CLI and the ns.conf files.  If I was asked to do the above I would probably start with copying off the ns.conf files from each using WinSCP and use something like WinMerge to highlight the differences between up to three files at a time.

Once you get your eye in for items you can ignore it can be surprisingly quick to get through.


If you want to stick to using the ADC, the diff ns config cli command can be used to compare two configurations at a time, but it's not my favourite tool of choice.

You'll have to copy all the configs to one ADC.  E.g:

> diff ns config /flash/nsconfig/ns.conf /flash/nsconfig/ns.conf.4 -outtype cli



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