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Existing seamless sesion is stopped when a new app is launched. The new app shows up, all windows are close and a new windows is shown.

Roel Niesen




I have this problem at least on some thin clients.


So we can make a connection to XenApp with seamless mode from a TC.

When a session runs for some time and we start a new application, then the application apears but after that all windows are closing and a hidden windows is seen new window (I believe this is the loging process in the background).


Is this a setting for 1912cu2?


I don't see this with a windows computer or with a newer TC.


Igel don't know anything.  We are discussing this sinds March but form past week I got a colprit TC in front of me.


Any ideas anyone?




Roel Niesen




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I've configured a key in the vda image from Logitech webcams session dis- and reconnection - XenDesktop 7.x - Discussions (citrix.com). 

Path :HKLM\Software\Citrix\SvcHost\IcaCtlsSvcs\
Value: GvchEnable
Type: DWORD Data: 0


VDA restart needed.

It disables the generic video camera handler. No negative side effects in my site.


This solved my issue.

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