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Xenapp servers in Azure not starting / registering

Christophe Steen1709157271



I have already created a support request about my issues (but it's like 6 days, they sent 2 mails not relevant, they proposed to schedule a call but they always forget to me...), I have a problem with a farm of xenapp servers located in Azure (all infra is in Azure).
From time to time some VDA's would not register - they start but they get stuck at boot and after 20mn they just shut down.

Same behavior happens when we push a new image, it takes 25mn and then stops and fails. It's been years we have this issue but after a couple retries it would work, unfortunately since 3 weeks we have this issue everyday, I'm afraid to push a new image to production as our acceptance catalog doesn't want to start.


Any tips about running a Windows 2016 server catalog in Azure?


Citrix version 1912.0.100.

Provisioning method: MCS

We are running 1 Netscaler, 2 storefronts, 2 DDCs, all in Azure.

VDA Machine model in Azure: Standard F8s_v2 (8 vcpus, 16 GiB memory)

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