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[Design Question] - CitrixADC on AWS / Different AZ, same VPC / H.A in INC mode

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We are planning a new deployment, following this design pattern:


AWS AZ1 (Subnet1)


Client ENI:

Servers ENI:


AWS AZ2 (Subnet2)



Client ENI:

Servers ENI:


Citrix has this documentation that support this scenario: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/deploying-vpx/deploy-aws/vpx-ha-eip-different-aws-zones.html


The step 1 of the procedure it configures the HA in INC mode and,

The step 2 of the procedure it says to add ipset123 on both nodes.


On primary vpx, ipset123 has as member, the IP

On secondary, ipset123 has as member, the IP




IPSet requires that the IP must be added as VIP in Network > IPs, and it added a route at the first appliance as DIRECT CONNECTED. It breaks the HA communication between the appliances; we are expecting that INC mode works using L3 routing.


Any thought on how can I fix this scenario to config HA in AWS?


Thank you in advance!



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Hi Alessandro,


Can you elaborate on why would adding VIP for ip in second subnet breaks the HA communication?

HA communication happens on MGMT interface. MGMT and VIP are on different subnet (and interface). So its not clear how it can break HA communication.


It can break HA communication if we have single interface/subnet in both primary and secondary. In which case we can add explicit static routes for ns-ip. But I think this is not same as what is being discussed here.


Let us know how we can help here.




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Hello Ravi,

I agree with you.

Customer reported to me that his implementation were according to the scenario posted in the documentation pinned on my last message.. but analyzing his environment I would see that he had only 2 network interfaces (like you mentioned, he was trying to use mgmt). This was the issue. There is no error in the documentation, it was a lack of requirements needed.

Thank you for you message.

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