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StoreFront - SSO to published application / desktop not working

Mark Norton

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Hey there,


This is a bit of a head-scratcher but there is hoping someone can make sense of it. Quick info about general setup:


I've created a fresh CVAD 7 / 1912 LTSR farm. Based on Server 2019, hosting mainly published Desktops and a few published applications. New Storefront, new Controllers, new database -  all components are 1912 LTSR. Clients are Win 10/11 running Citrix Workspace latest version.


The issue I'm facing is that SSO from Storefront to the Published Desktop behaves inconsistently. StoreFront is set up to use the current user when logging on to the Store (website, not app). This works fine and enumerates all published Desktops and Applications properly. When starting a Desktop, I am presented with the server's logon-screen again. It logs on fine once credentials are entered but shouldn't be asking in the first place.

Here's where it gets weird. When I log off from the Store on the client and choose to "Switch to user name and password' , then log on with the very same credentials and start the Desktop, it works perfectly fine. This behavour is reproducible and persistent across different browsers (Chrome, Edge).


I have been reading through a few entries and checked all suggestions but can't find a fix. I've removed Workspace, reinstalled it with the SSO-flag, SSO-Service on the client is running and all is working perfectly fine with my old XA 6.5 farm and WebInterface.


I'm running out of ideas. Help!


Thank you


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