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xenserver 8.2 ltsr TCP Checksum error

Jonathon Luken


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I see that errors to and I have an unstable network when I copy large en many files.

Or when our backup store (collection of diskblock) is used we get some problems (and the store is broke now).


I already upgrade the eufi and the firemware from or Ijntel X722 dual GB nic.


the 2 vm's are working normally, but anly on large traffic I have network issue.


Senario 1:

Add an ssd on a workstation with our copy of the backup and copy these files over a vm to out local nas.

We get network errors and you can continou, but sometimes the copy is valid and sometime not.


Senario 2:

Copy same dat to nas via the workstation: Ok


Senario 3:

Create an iscsi block on the nas to illiminat an bug.

Installed a debian vm with openmediavault.

Started the copy.

Very slow and see some read problems in the logs.


someone a clue?


It isn't possible to remove patches in xenserver?


Roel Niesen


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I was mislead with some network issue on XenServer 8.2.


After a week of struggle, I dessieded to downgrade the synology from 7.0.1 to 6.5.2.

This is not supported, but works 100%


After this al my  backup corruption where gone.


I have to redo all xenserver changes (rx en tx offload).

But this wasn't a  Citrix problem.



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